Our video team has been filming raw and live food vegan lectures, seminars, food preparation demos, and performing interviews with Raw Foodists for many years. We have a lot of amazing footage in our collection. This website was created to present you with a large variety of raw vegan diet video footage which, in turn, will give you a greater understanding of the raw vegan lifestyle. We have a large selection of seminars, lectures, interviews, & raw food preparation footage of many well known presenters. Our collection is always growing as we regularly film new projects.

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Raw Diet Videos is mainly an online video membership site, but you can also purchase the current list of DVDs that we have posted on our DVD page. The fastest way to access the videos is to join our membership club. By joining our membership, you will gain immediate access to our large variety of full length videos that you can watch anytime from your computer. Watching the video footage presented on this website is simple and easy. Just push the play button, sit back, and become informed.

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We just added the following videos to the members area:

1. Dr. Aris Latham: The Joy of Eating Sunfired Foods Parts 1 & 2  
Seminar at Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar in Washington, DC

2. Chef Khepra: Becoming and Staying Raw -
2012 Lecture at Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar in Washington, DC

3. Dr. Brian Clement: The Power of Live Food to Heal Disease -  Seminar at Natural Vibrant Health in Towson, MD

Coming Soon to the online members area:

Aris LaTham's Culinary Workshop at Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar. Master gourmet Chef Aris LaTham will teach you how to create 37 healthy and delicious Raw Vegan Preps. As a member you will be able to view the entire workshop online or you can purchase them on DVD



We filmed many Raw Spirit Festivals & had a great time.

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