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Dr. Aris LaTham:

Recently Added: Sunfired Food Workshop and Lecture
Filmed January 2014 at Khepra's Live Food Juice Bar
in Washington, DC

The complete Sunfired Food Workshop & Lecture - Over 14 hours of footage on 10 DVDs all for the discounted price of $105.00 - More Info

Sunfire Culinary Institute Presents, Sunfired Food Certification
Filmed in July 2011 at Senbeb Vegan Cafe in Washington, DC

1. Lesson 1: Juices, Smoothies, & Milks - Run Time: 3hrs 19 min
On Two DVDs - $22.00 - More Info

2. Lesson 2: Soups And Dehydrated Foods - Run Time: 2 hrs 56 min
On Two DVDs - $22.00 - More Info

3. Lesson 3: Catering Affairs including Royal Feast Bonus Footage
Run Time: 3 hrs 31 min - On Two DVDs - $22.00 - More Info

4. Lesson 4: Entrees, Sandwiches, Wraps, & Rolls
Run Time: 3 hrs 38min - On two DVDs - $22.00 - More Info

5. Lesson 5: Salads, Dressings, Dips, & Side Dishes
Run Time: 2 hrs 48 min - On Two DVDs - $22. 00 - More Info

6. Lesson 6: Paradise Pies, Nice Creams, Desserts, & Sweet Treats
Run Time: 3 hrs 24 min - On Two DVDs. - $22.00 - More Info

7. "My Sunfired Plate" Lecture at Senbeb Cafe
Run Time: 1 hr 30 min - $11.00 - More Info

8. The complete Sunfired Food Certification Workshop & Lecture - Over 20 hours of footage on 13 DVDs all for the discounted price of $120.00 (Regular Discounted Price). Now, for a limited time offer, get the entire Sunfired Certification Course for $80.00 with FREE US Shipping - More Info

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Chef Khepra:

1. The Complete Raw Culinary Intensive: 5 Level Course - Over 12 Hours of footage on 6 DVDs for the Discounted price Of $75.00 - More Info

Dr. Brian Clement:

1. "Creating Abundant Health" seminar at Everlasting Life Health Complex in Capitol Heights, MD - 1/22/08 - Run Time 3 hrs 7 min - $12.00

2. "Longevity - Enjoying Long Life Without Limits" seminar at
Your Prescription For Health Learning Center in Owings Mill, MD

Run Time: 2 hrs 4 min - 12.00

3. Two Lectures at The New York Ave Presbyterian Church in
Washington, DC
a) "Causing Dramatic Shifts in Health" - A Lecture Specifically for Health Practitioners _ 68 minutes
b) "Vibrant Health in a High Stress World" - A Lecture For The General Public
75 minutes - Jan 2008 - Run Time: 143 minutes - $12.00

4. "Survive or Thrive ~ Change Your Lifestyle and Save Your Life" Lecture at Loving Life Cafe - Run Time: 111 min - $12.00

David Wolfe:

1. "Radical Health Transformation" Seminar in Portland, OR
Run Time: 110 minutes - $12.00

2. Seminar at Jhoon Rhee's Tae Kwon Do School in Falls Church, VA.
Run Time: 140 minutes - $12.00

3. Lecture and Interview at the 2008 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ
Lecture 54 min - Interview by Eve Colantoni 45 minutes - $12.00

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Steve Meyerowitz

Happy Oasis

Mike Adams



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