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We have a large selection of seminars, lectures, interviews, and raw food preparation footage of many well known presenters. Our collection is always growing as we regularly film new projects.

Below is the current list of videos in our Members Only Area.

01. Dr. Aris La Tham Seminar "Eat Your Way To Optimum Health" in Wash., DC
02. Dr. Brian Clement Seminar at Everlasting Life in Wash., DC
03. David Wolfe's Seminar "Radical Health Transformation".
04. Victoria Boutenko Seminar "Greens Can Save Your Life" in Wash., DC
05. David Wolfe Seminar at Jhoon Rhee's Tae Kwon Do School in Virginia
06. David Wolfe Lecture at Everlasting Life Health Complex in Wash., DC
07. Dr. Brian Clement Seminar "Longevity - Enjoying Long Life Without Limits"
08. Dr. Brian Clement Seminar "Causing Dramatic Shifts in Health"
09. Dr. Brian Clement Seminar "Vibrant Health in a High Stress World"
10. Dr. Brian Clement Seminar "Change Your Lifestyle and Save Your Life"
11. Dr. Aris La Tham Raw Prep "Sunfired Cuisine Art Workshop" - Part 1 in WDC
12. Dr. Aris La Tham Raw Prep "Sunfired Cuisine Art Workshop" - Part 2 in WDC
13. Dr. Aris La Tham "Sunfired Cuisine Certification Awards " - Washington, DC
14. Viktoras Kulvinskas Seminar "Enzyme Nutrition" in Portland, OR - Aug. 2002
15. Gabriel Cousens Lecture "The Lovers Electron Diet" in Portland, OR
16. Paul Nison Lecture "The Formula For Health" at the Yabba Pot
17. Paul Nison Lecture "Health According to the Scriptures at the Yabba Pot
18. Dr. Natural's Raw Lifestyle Lecture at Avalaura Healing Center in Maryland
19. Dr. Natural Raw Prep Food Demo in Paeonian Springs, VA
20. Dr. Natural: "How to become a Raw Vegan Health Consultant" in Mclean, VA
21. Dr. Natural: Liberate Others By Liberating Yourself in Brooklyn, NY
22. Dr. Natural: Raw Prep Demo in Brooklyn, NY
23. Dr. Natural's Yoga Demo in Cottonwood, Alabama
24. Eve Colantoni's Raw Food Prep and Class at NIHA in Wash., DC
25. Mike Blongiewicz's Smoothie Demo at Oneness Place in Silver Spring, MD
26. Rob Miller: "The Life and Teaching of Arnold Erhet" in Portland, OR
27. Interview with Master Sprouter Adam Kandel by Eve Colantoni
28. Adam Kandel's "How To Grow Your Own Sprouts At Home"
29. Sprouting Demo Special Bonus
30. "How To Create A Raw Kitchen Bonus" with Sharon Greenspan
31. L. Lavin: "The Science Of Fasting"
32. Interview with David Wolfe by Eve Colantoni - 45 minutes

33. David Wolfe Lecture 1
34. David Wolfe Lecture 2
35. David Wolfe Lecture 3
36. Dr. Jameth Sheridan Lecture 1
37. Dr. Jameth Sheridan Lecture 2
38. Mike Adams "The Health Ranger"
39. Mike Adams "Live on Raw Vegan Radio"
40. Dr. Gabriel Cousens Lecture: "There Is A Cure For Diabetes"
41. Victoras Kulvinskas Lecture "Thriving In The 21st Century"
42. Aris La Tham: Master Raw Chef
43. David and Katrina Rainoshek: "Juice Feasting"
44. Paul Nison Lecture: "The Formula For Health"
45. Matt Monarch - "Achieving Optimal Health"
46. The Boutenko Family - "Raw Family"
47. Lorena and Shantree - "Vital Energy"
48. Kris Carr: "Crazy Sexy Cancer"
49. Happy Oasis (chief visionary officer of the Raw Spirit Festivals)
50. Dr. David Carmos and Dr. Shawn Miller Lecture
51. Philip McCluskey Lecture: "Raw Determination"
52. Interview with Philip McCluskey by Mike Blongiewicz
53. Steph and Todd Lecture: "What's The Matter"
54. Bill McDorman "GMO's and Organic Gardening"
55. Dr. Walter Urban "Raising Spiritual Consciousness"
56. David Wolfe: "Cutting Edge Information"
57. David Wolfe: "Healing Modalities"
58. David Wolfe: "The Best Day Ever"
59. Victoria Boutenko Lecture: "Greens For Life"
60. Interview with Victoria Boutenko by Darren Briscoe
61. Viktoras Kulvinskas Lecture "Survival In The 21st Century"
62. Viktoras Kulvinskas 2nd Lecture (partial)
63. Interview with Viktoras Kulvinskas by Darren Briscoe
64. Markus Rothkranz Lecture
65. Interview with Markus Rothkranz by Darren Briscoe

66. Rhio Lecture: "Genetically Engineered Foods "
67, Rhio Lecture: "Toxins"
68. Interview with Rhio and Leigh by Darren Briscoe
69. The Sproutman (Steve Meyerowitz) Lecture
70. Interview with the Sproutman (Steve Meyerowitz) by Darren Briscoe
71. Matt Monarch Lecture: "Advanced Raw Living Talk"
72. Dr. Brian Clement Lecture
73. Dr. Jameth Sheridan: "International Raw Food Summit Statement"
74. Dr. Jameth Sheridan: "Internal Cleansing"
75. Patricia Bragg Lecture
76. Brigitte Mars Lecture: "Herbs"
77. The Presenters Panel Discussion at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival
78. Dr. Walter Urban: "Healing The Heart"
79. Len Horowitz Lecture
80. Raw Snack Info
81. Opening Music Ceremony at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ
82. Closing Ceremony at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ

83. Musical Performance by Shimshai at the 2008 Raw Spirit Festival
84. Musical Performance by Fun Young Moon at the 2008 Raw Spirit Festival
85. Musical Performance by Scott Huckabey at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival
86. Musical Performance by Uqualla (Native American) at the 2008 RSF
87. Musical Performance by Sagrado at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival
88. Musical Performance by Manaka at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival

We regularly add footage that we film to the Members Area
because we are always filming new projects. We will soon add
more interviews with Raw Foodists and footage from the Raw
Spirit Festival Footage.

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