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Chef Khepra
Owner and Founder of:
Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar
and the Mojo Juice Club

If you’re looking for what many have said to be the best living food in Washington D.C., look no further. Khepra Anu, owner and founder of the Khepra's Raw Food Juice Bar and former executive living foods chef at Senbeb Cafe, is the answer to your prayers. As a former student of Dr. Latham’s, Khepra has carved out his own niche with his Sunfired education on fasting and the coconut water detox, which Dr. LaTham developed and so ardently promotes.

Khepra’s transition into living foods began after listening to a presentation about frutarianism Dick Gregory was giving at his college. After doing his own research and experimenting on his own with water fasts, on the recommendation of many well-known raw foodist, Khepra sought out Dr. LaTham.

“I ended up buying a VHS, and though I had other raw-food DVDs, I watched Aris’ four or five times in a row.” Khepra says. “It was outstanding. I was totally floored.”

In 2,000 Khepra started fasting a lot but didn’t quite know what he was doing at the time.  But he continued anyway.

“Then I connected with Aris and was introduced to the coconut water fast,” Khepra says.  “I tested it for two weeks and felt the best I ever felt in my life. I didn’t feel hungry like I did on previous fasts. And, I didn’t feel the need to binge eat after fasting because the fast had changed my cravings. The entire experience with Sunfired was truly mind blowing.” “The knowledge of coconut water I got from Sunfired really took my living-food game to the next level,” Khepra adds. “I owe my knowledge of fasting to Aris’ mastery of coconut and juice fasting.”

Now a coconut water fasting pro, Khepra has applied what he’s learned and in return has supervised hundreds of fasts. And his business, the Mojo Juice Club is a D.C. favorite.  The Mojo Juice Club also offers Living Food Prep classes and other seasonal detox programs.

Khepra also is scheduled to open his own living-foods restaurant and Juice Bar in the winter, where he will continue to provide the much-needed service of supplying customers with knowledge on living foods and living foods themselves.

“I see Aris as the godfather of this movement and I feel that I am one of the torchbearers to keep the movement going strong and alive,” Khepra says. For more information about Khepra Anu and the Mojo Juice Club, visit:


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