Raw: Of or related to a pure & natural state of existence. Uncooked, Unprocessed, Unrefined

Of or related to the visual capture of real life events.



Markus Rothkranz, a truly inspirational leader of the raw foods movement, has awakened his genius in so many categories as to seem astonishing to ordinary humans. Markus has been heavily involved in the film industry for many years. At 45, he is an outstanding role model of raw vegan health and exceptional fitness. Markus awakens, activates and challenges us with his robust presentations and hundreds of web pages designed to inspire, uplift and cheer us all on to heightened levels of life, love, service and wellness.

Markus inspires people to personal freedom, health, sex-appeal and well-being. Formerly unwell as a child, Markus corrected his physical challenges and is now activating his highest potential and helping thousands of others to do the same.

At age13 Markus built a 180 square foot computerized miniature scale model of the entire Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom with working rides. By 15 he was making movies with car stunts and home made explosions. At 16 he won an automotive design contest. By 17 he was in advanced electronics. By 18 he copied a famous masters oil painting stroke for stroke in only a few days. By 19 he was working with architectural firms on shopping malls, subdivisions, golf courses and homes. By 21 he was building entire cities in miniature for a special effects company and by 23 he was doing full blown Hollywood effects and design work on films like Total Recall, Die Hard, Red Planet, etc. In 1994 he wrote and directed his first worldwide motion picture for a cost of 2 million dollars. Markus did much of his own cinematography and personally built over 200 miniature models, showing the world what's possible when a visionary filmmaker is given the freedom to create from his soul. Markus wants to carry on Walt's vision of majestic entertainment that excites all ages all over the world.


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1. (a) Lecture: "Reaching New Levels of Optimism, Ingenuity, and Sex Appeal" (b) Interview with Markus Rothkranz by Darren Briscoe at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival. (Available Online Only)
Total Run Time 40 minutes ~ Description