Raw: Of or related to a pure & natural state of existence. Uncooked, Unprocessed, Unrefined

Of or related to the visual capture of real life events.



Matt Monarch dove head-first into a 100% raw vegan lifestyle after reading Dr Norman Walker's classic raw food book 'Become Younger'. His initial detox and weight loss concerned family and friends, but he was fascinated with this new way of living and persisted. Matt's interest led him to thoroughly research the many different ideologies in the raw movement and delve into his own experiments. He was most impressed by the work of raw food pioneer and 50 year nutritionist Dr Fred Bisci, PhD. After meeting at a raw food festival in Oregon, Matt and Fred went on to forge a strong friendship together.

After five years of eating a 100% raw food diet, Matt was inspired to write a book called Raw Spirit. He wanted to share information that he thought needed to be out there, reflecting in particular on some of the physical challenges of going raw, along with the amazing shifts he experienced on the spiritual level with this lifestyle. Raw Spirit has become one of the best-selling raw books available: people appreciate Matt's honest approach and his willingness to discuss aspects of being raw that often go unmentioned. He is committed to the raw lifestyle and passionate about spreading this message of health to others.

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1. "Advanced Raw and Living Food Talk" at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ - Run Time 120 min ~ Description