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Viktoras Kulvinskas is a cutting-edge researcher, raw food pioneer, author of the health classic Survival Into The 21st Century, among several other bestsellers (more than a million Viktoras books have sold worldwide!), an illuminating authority on raw foods for forty years, founder of Hippocrates Health Institute with Ann Wigmore in the late 1960's. Born in Lithuania, during World War II, under a Piscean sky, he received his M.S. Degree in pure mathematics from the University of Connecticut, where he later taught mathematics. For six years he was computer consultant for Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, the Apollo Project, etc. He is a member of the Physics honor society Sigma Pi Sigma. As a nutritionist, he was the personal health consultant to comedian/activist Dick Gregory during his 900 mile run for peace.

Viktoras has received 'The Lifetime of Achievement Award' at the 2000 Raw Food Culinary Showcase (held in Jamaica), from the Vitalities, Inc., where he was the keynote speaker. He was awarded a 'Certificate of Accomplishment as a Live Food Culinary Chef and Instructor' by the Living Light Culinary Institute.

Viktoras has appeared many times as the keynote speaker at the: Cell Tech August Celebration, Raw Expo, Essene National Gathering, and the Hippocrates Health Institute Health Educator Intensive. He has also trained the medical and professional staff in Enzymatic Nutrition and Live Food Therapies for Degenerative Disease at the Hippocrates Health Resort of Asia. Viktoras has appeared as a keynote speaker at the World Congress on Incurable Diseases, the Raw World: International Festival of Raw Food Enthusiasts (Montezuma, Costa Rica), as well as many other workshops.

Below are but a few of his pioneering contributions.

His book Survival into the 21st Century was this generation's most impressive scientifically referenced assemblage of documented evidence for the value of uncooked nourishment in the human dietary. To this day Survival continues to be regarded as the " Living Foods Bible" by respected leaders in the health field. Released at a time when to be a vegetarian meant eating cooked rice and beans, Viktoras possessed the intellect and research skills to pull together a coherent empirical rebuttal to the unsubstantiated belief that cooking foods was a harmless practice.

In Survival, Viktoras powerfully championed what is nothing less than a new paradigm in nutrition: that a high enzyme, low protein, low starch, high liquid, pre-digested uncooked vegetarian diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains, grasses, weeds, algae and sea vegetables was the key to preserving youthfulness, reversing the aging process and extending the life-span. He is responsible for creating never-before formulated theoretical models for cancer, arthritis, menstruation and life extension that has withstood the scrutiny of critical scientific analysis.

It is not an exaggeration to say that a whole new generation of live food doctors and living food practitioners were inspired by Viktoras' cutting edge nutritional thinking. He is often quoted as an authority on health issues by other health authors such as Fit for Life's Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Marylin in her 1997 book, Fitonics, quotes Viktoras in many locations, and thanks him in acknowledgments, for his contribution to her enzyme education. Dr. Smokey Santillo, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and a host of others too numerous to mention. express their gratefulness. He is quoted so often, many think he must be dead.

Viktoras was perhaps the first person to popularize the long out-of-print works of enzyme researcher Dr. Edward Howell. The book, Enzymes for Health and Longevity, was edited and published by Viktoras at great personal expense and risk. The publication of this first of many of Howell' works resurrected from obscurity fifty years of priceless research regarding the crucial role of enzymes for high level wellness and extended lifespan. Viktoras' premiere publication of Howell's book stimulated a whirlwind of interest which is still growing today. In fact, as a direct result of the resurgence of interest in enzymes, digestive enzyme supplement companies based on Howell's original formula have become a multi-million dollar industries. All of us owe a great debt to Viktoras for having the original foresight to recognize the importance of this great man's work.

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