Raw: Of or related to a pure & natural state of existence. Uncooked, Unprocessed, Unrefined

Of or related to the visual capture of real life events.



Dr. Walter Urban

My Health Revolution:
I read about the Hunzacuts' way of life in 1962 and became interested in nutrition, changing slowly from pizza, steak, cottage cheese, salami, Cheerios, French fries, chicken, eggs, etc., to fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. I did this gradually over a number of years and went through the usual "healing crisis" when I became 100 percent raw.

I have inexhaustible energy on this diet and can keep going twelve to fourteen hours a day. I exercise six days a week, and my outlook is always positive. I am happy with my healthy, simple lifestyle. Sometimes I have five bananas in the morning, a coconut for lunch, and a large salad with avocado for dinner. With discipline you can change your lifestyle, prevent disease, gain more energy and strength, and look and feel good. You just have to make the decision and maintain your commitment to responsible choices.

Living From the Heart:
My life has been devoted to helping myself and others. I practice what I preach, smile many times a day, and frequently affirm "I am peaceful" in my three-second meditations. In another, longer meditation period, I affirm: "I am healthy, strong, joyous, free, independent, p rotected, peaceful, loving, humble, forgiving, compassionate, trusting, truthful, part of nature," and then: "Yes, I am." These affirmative meditations condition the cells and enhance life. Try them!

I enjoy helping people who want to be informed and take responsibility for their lives, and am challenged by those who don't. The “doctor” cannot take over your responsibility for yourself. Many corporations are motivated by financial interests to invent diseases such as “restless legs syndrome” to sell new drugs. The weakening of organic farm standards and the financial contributions of McDonald's to the Harvard Medical School Nutrition Letter are two examples of this corporate corruption. There are many more corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, Philip Morris, Monsanto, Coca Cola, Archer Daniels Midland, etc., that contribute to disease such as childhood canc er and diabetes. However, “green businesses” are growing and you can find organic food in many stores.

Catalyzing Global Change:
The evolution of global consciousness is growing, as shown by the formation of groups strongly committed to positive change. Those upholding truth, love and sanity are facing insane, corrupt, greedy killers lacking personal integrity, intent on destroying people and the planet for short-term selfish gains. These illusions of control and power cannot succeed, since they are self-destructive, shortsighted, and on the side of fear rather than love.
They are actually our teachers, providing the contrast needed to mobilize us into action and come out of our passive, helpless, hopeless state. We are waking up and finally taking action.

So what can you do? Take care of yourself and your family by making responsible choices and evaluating the consequences of your choices. Open your min d, your heart and your eyes to how you are living and start working for your health and peace. Take steps everyday, however small they may be. Do It!

We can help ourselves and each other by becoming part of this evolution which is leading to spiritual growth, love, peace and fellowship. We are all part of nature and not separate from the natural world. We are part of each other and must not be separated by religions, borders and different beliefs. When we recognize this and practice being peaceful and loving every day, remembering and communicating in the international language of a smile, we are doing our part to move in the direction that is crucial to our continuance as a species.

Seeds of Inspiration:
I hope this makes you think about change, which can only come when you start to make changes in your life. You have the power so use it the best way you can. Accept your personal challenges with enthusiasm and love. Have the courage to change how you think, believe, feel and act. Start today, for you and your children are the seeds of the future.

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